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Cultural Fundaments
We are somewhere else - History
WSW #3 - 2009 / 2010

FSK 29 March 2010


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Researching Cultural Fundaments as a Necessity

The newly founded Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH) is an open affiliation of non-profit art institutions made up of artist-run exhibition and work spaces, artists’ houses, archives, art-related internet portals and independent project groups.

These Hamburg-based initiatives are working in the most diverse fields of art. They have emerged and grown parallel to each other, and despite the many forms they may take, they do share common principles: They wish to work within a social network, and not in isolation, and are distinguished by an explicit aversion to cooptation.

The affiliation has developed, against the backdrop of drastic cut-backs in the funding of Hamburg’s artists, with the aim of organizing connective projects and making the activities of the various artist-run spaces known to a larger public.

Under the title WIR SIND WOANDERS (we’re somewhere else) the first jointly organized symposium was held in November 2006. A three-day conference provided a forum in which issues relating to the cultural and sociopolitical situation of the art scene were discussed. Artist-run spaces hosted events which accompanied the symposium. Following up on the results of the symposium, the focus of WIR SIND WOANDERS #2, staged in October 2007, was to compare cities nationally and internationally. For this festival, the artist-run spaces of Hamburg had each invited one art space from another city, whose representatives illustrated their particular work approach or organized new projects in Hamburg. Thus a map of independent art and culture initiatives evolved, featuring reports on the various production methods and ‘survival techniques’. About 30 Hamburg-based art spaces and just as many from throughout Europe participated in the international art festival in 2007, which was accompanied by lectures and workshops. A four-week itinerary guiding the public through Hamburg’s art spaces gave an idea of what is out there.

All forms of contemporary art are being practiced and presented in the artist-run spaces. The calendar of events “” provides information on the daily changing program: art actions, exhibitions, installations, media work, discussions and lectures taking place in all parts of the city. We are looking forward to welcoming a participatory audience.

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)

The "creative class" Hamburg

ZDF Aspekte, November 6, 2009
Application for political care (November 2)

Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg

For more information on our activities we recommend the readers:

ISBN 978-3-938801-32-1

The catalogue “WIR SIND WOANDERS #2” was published in June 2010.
ISBN 798-3-938801-70-3

Both editions will then be available as a bundle at the Textem Verlag.