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Neubesetzung Vorwerkstift

Ikea stoppen!
Bürgerbegehren für's Frappant / Altona

STADTPLANUNG: Künstler erobern das Gängeviertel


Final presentation
>> on 4th of June at the Vorwerkstift <<

welcome to the source

This website will be showing the projects of "WSW#3" as "work in progress" till end of March 2010. All 25 participating projects will be documented in detail and will also show the environment of their travels. Please take a look at the website every now and then.

"WSW#3" deals with the issues "travelling" and "demonstrating presence". We intend to provide more information than just the project presentations. We will also portray situations and conditions of travelling as an artist and report on the surroundings we work in.

Open letters from Hamburg to Hamburg

Open letter Ingvar Kamprad ... sign now!
... an this will be not the last one!

Gentrification map Hamburg

Other places where the people fight for democratic participation in public policy:

Centro Sociale
Grünzug Altona
Es regnet Kaviar
GWA St.Pauli
AKU Wilhelmsburg
BI Emil-Andresen-Straße
Isebek BI
Niendorfer Gehege BI
MI Elbtreppe
Moorburgtrasse Stoppen!
Vorwerk e.V.
We make the city
Pferdemarkt bleibt!

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)

The "creative class" Hamburg

ZDF Aspekte, November 6, 2009
Application for political care (November 2)

Please visit also "Wir sind woanders #2" ...

... the European art festival 2007 in Hamburg.