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A member of »target:autonopop« was jointly invited to Rotterdam by the Networked Media Department of the Piet Zwart Institute, and by the independent cultural center WORM.

This was the opportunity for a three-part intervention over two days:

1/ The talk "Decline and crash of the art-market: scenarios, factors, and motivations" at Piet Zwart

Flyer and Summary of Talk

2/ An unauthorized critical tour of the exhibition "Morality, Act 1: Beautiful from Every Point of View" at the publicly-financed Rotterdam contemporary art center Witte de With

Vimeo documentation by Florian Cramer (40mn.)

3/ An evening program at WORM which featured -the premiere of the role-playing game "Contemporary Art Market: Attack and Destroy"
-the video "Collector Shoot" by Olivier Nourisson (Paris)
-the sound installation "the Diederich Diederichsen Listening Corner" by Michel Chevalier (Hamburg)

WORM Flyer

Description of "Contemporary Art Market: Attack and Destroy"– a war-strategy game for 8 to 28 players

There are four teams, members selected randomly:
1/opponents of the art market
2/supporters of the art market
3/enlightened bourgeois mediators
4/the jury
Each round, an "event" card (out of 30 available cards) is picked based on a true historical event from the past 30 years that either consolidated the power of collectors and galleries or threatened it. Teams must consult in a huddle and then express their position/strategy, then announce their "action taken" (a coin is flipped to decide which team expresses their action first). Every third round, the jury convenes and announces how these intended actions played out "in reality" (who gained support in the broader public sphere, how the government/press/markets reacted...).
After about 10 such cycles, the jury announces the final result, deciding who won and by "how much."
At WORM the game was played and telecast live on the internet. 18 people played 8 rounds of the game for two-and a half hours. The jury decided that the anti-market team had won 8:4, but had only 6 months to consolidate its gains, otherwise public opinion would forget everything.

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)



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29 October, 2009, 2-4pm

"Decline and crash of the art-market: scenarios, factors, and motivations"
Presentation and Workshop with Michel Chevalier
Piet Zwart Institute for Postgraduate Studies and Research

29 October, 2009, 5-6pm
Witte de With (unauthorized)

30 October, 2009, 8pm-1am
WORM - Podium, Cinema, Shop, Film Studio, Sound Studio, and Internet Platform

Rotterdam, NL