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Serge Audet

Briana Bray

Michelle Lacombe

Michel Chevalier

Didier Delfolie-Noulin

Sheena Hoszko

La chèvre phénomène

Miko Ziolkowski

Day 1:

Presentation of »target: autonopop«, the previous workshop in Montréal in 2005, self-introduction by participants, and a few words about Hamburg "art-alternative" project, unlimited liability.

Started reading Michael Corris' 1975 essay Yet another palace revolt in the banana republic? published THE FOX #2, especially in view of his still-timely historical and political framing of the stakes and pitfalls of "art-alternative/self-run" spaces.


Day 2:

Didier brings article about cherry trees covertly (illegally?) cut down by real-estate developpers (name of area?)

Read Corris to end.

Discussion of some aspects of text that make it less-than-reader-friendly (marxian jargon), its often sarcastic tone, its key issues that are still unresolved today (socialization at the level of consumption vs. socialization at the level of production, pp.143-144), media-fetishism, ideas arising in connection with Montréal, Corris' closing ideas for a "street-level space responsive to the needs of a public practice" (p 152).

As counterpoint, we then read excepts from Sociologie de la bourgeoisie by Michel Pinçon and Monique Pinçon-Charlot (2000). Especially the excepts from Chapter 3, Les espaces de la bourgeoisie, and the book's conclusion.

Day 3:

discussion of options

-garbage (like last time)

-political posters

-action in financial district

-gentrified neighborhoods

-upper class neighborhoods

-theme of gentrification

-power structure in the city

-recreating the setting and "continuing the seminar" elsewhere

(Briana's drawing of Systeme Minuit floor-plan)

Discussion for about an hour and a half. Didier doesn't want the political posters in our action ("showing those guys faces")

One political poster is modified to eliminate face and keep neoliberal slogan (Michel)

We set out in La chèvre phénomène's car and Miko's pickup truck.

a) great luck with garbage found in alley off rue Bernard, especially in view of System Minuit "simulacra-potential" —load it all into pickup!

b) no garbage in Rosemount

c) go to Westmount, also "oppressive" lack of anything to take or space to feel comfortable

d) Miko suggests going up to public vista + considering possibilities

e) Briana draws chalk living room at central vista location, we arrange "physical" furniture in accordance.

f) as an experimental "echo" of Corris section on "street-level space", we repeat part of the workshop in this new location, reading Les espaces de la bourgeoisie again, but now deep in unequivocally bourgeois territory. Some gentlemen from Afghanistan and a woman passerby take up our offer to join our collective reading and discussion (asking their own questions about our "intentions" and the intentions/ideas of the sociologists).

Documentation on Photo and video.

After about one hour in this new location we leave, lingering with the guests a bit, but at about 20 meters remove from the "space" we have now abandoned (along with copies of the texts). We innocently observe how newcomers react to the intervention, and wait to see if the slow-driving security cars stop at any point.

With the weather cooling off a bit, we stop for beers and head back to Système Minuit where we eat, chat (or was that a few minutes of argument at one point?), discuss how/if project can be extended next year... then say farewell to some, with others going on to the evening performance/opening at Clark.


Michael Corris, Yet another palace revolt in the banana republic?, THE FOX #2 (New York: Art & Language Foundation, 1975), pp. 143-153

Michel Pinçon and Monique Pinçon-Charlot, Sociologie de la bourgeoisie (Paris: ed. La Découverte, 2000), pp. 52-64, 110-111

Collective, »target: autonopop« Zeitschrift (Hamburg, 2004)

Julian Stallabrass, High Art Lite (London, Verso, 1999)

Karel Teige, Le marché de l'art (Paris, ed. Allia, 2005)

Jean-Claude Moineau, Contre l'art global (Paris, ed. è®e, 2007)

Cornelia Sollfrank, Unlimited liability: an art shop that won't sell to the rich, Art Papers (Altanta) Sept/Oct 2007

- Michel Chevalier, Hamburg, May 18th 2009

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)



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14-16 April, 2009

Atelier «target: autonopop» # 2

Articule Special Projects

Diffusion Système Minuit

Montréal (Qc.)