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„Neighborhood Project“.
„Neighborhood Project“ Due to structural changes for Design 99 (Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope became parents and on top of that have been invited by several art institutions to exhibit) we decided to reschedule the presentation of the Hamburg suitcase and the artist’s display for spring 2010. In December Design 99 has been invited by the well-known Detroit Institute of Arts for an exhibition. Gina and Mitch ceased the opportunity and transformed a classroom style gallery into an open laboratory with the title: Neighborhood Project”. While present in the exhibition space on a regular base the artists presented short-term exhibitions of their works as well as works of affiliates and invited guests, offered workshops and offered a library with literature and documents of grassroots initiatives and artistic projects in the city of Detroit in relation to the transformation and integration of art in neighborhoods of the community. Their objects, films, maps and in process laboratory underline their mission to improve social structures and engage neighbors in the appreciation of their neighborhood, by marking space and turn the feeling for a location into a positive experience through artistic intervention.

„Neighborhood Project“. The Project stems from the work Cope and Reichert have undertaken in their Detroit community. Beginning with their Power House Project, they have put into practice ideas about the aesthetics of everyday life and the integration of art and design into the rethinking and rebuilding of neighborhoods. For The Neighborhood Project, Cope and Reichert invite the public to engage in conversations, encourage openness to the possibilities of art in their communities and draw them into an interest in participating. The gallery is divided into areas where people can talk, read about public and socially interactive art, make their own neighborhood maps and add thoughts that may contribute to the project’s evolution. Cope and Reichert will be “in residence” for a day every week to talk with people and draw them into thinking about socially interactive art, and the importance of aesthetics in the public sphere. Other aspects of the work may be added as the piece evolves and according to the nature of ideas generated through conversations, and through interactions that occur in the process. (Quelle:

In March 2010 Design 99 will have designed the Hamburg suitcase and present it along with works of Dissamonix (Jörn Stahlschmidt) within their “Neighborhood Project” in collaboration with FILTER DETROIT.


“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
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It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


Field research in August, December 2009 and January 2010
City of Hope - Opportunity in Crisis
Design 99 + Hamburg suitcase
FILTER DETROIT, a house in Progress...

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