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hinterconti e.V.

hinterconti is a colaboration of artists, designers and cultural producers based in Hamburg. Since 2000 the changing team of the project and show room organises exhibitions with local or international artists. We welcome various forms of artistic pratices and processes to establish a broad and open-minded platform for diverse artistic and cultural initatives which are not necessarily represented by commercial orientated art market or art institutions. Given this, we are open as well to short-termed concepts, projects and proposals. In this sense we see hinterconti less as a gallery or exhibition space but rather as a cultural as well as social hub.

Ana Angelosvka, Nikolai Hartmann, Hannah Kowalski, Moki, Stefan Mildenberg, Veit Rogge, Michael Thomas, Lily Wittenburg, Ini, Martin Wojciechowski, Arne Zank

hinterconti e.V.
Marktstraße 40 A, 20357 Hamburg

Contact: Michael Thomas

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


Images & video

hinterconti - first detroit! then Höllviken!

On August 31st, 2010 seven we were to cross the Baltic Sea by bicycle, train and ship. Our mission was clear: to come ashore in South of Sweden to take the long way to enter Stockholm. Here, in the City of the King a place called Detroit was set as our destination. However, the story took a different turn.. Alas, we were somewhere else! We no longer steered north but split the line between Hamburg and Stockholm in two halves. A game we played to come across the calm settlement of Höllviken close to Malmö. For seven days we found residence in this humble place. A scene which offered hardly any cultural distraction still could be used to invite the people of Detroit as well as members of dieschönestadt, a gallery space in Halle.

A private summer house served us as accommodation and local work space. Its interior with old furnitures, clothings and family pictures reminded a museum. Outside we explored the surroundings and brought back items we came across in the woods or the ocean. We took pictures to document its scene: materials which shall be used for a further cooperation with dieschönestadt to work on an exhibition project in Halle as well as in Hamburg. A “we are somewhere else” beyond well-known structures we are usually occupied with. An exploration of a calm and different place: An escape into an immediate, or we might say: alternating Off, which lays outside common artistic practices, spaces and contexts whose existence first had to be located and defined. A utopia of a friendly refusal, summoned and manifested productively, still always endangered joyously to be neglected. Self-coaching in the potential of a possible failure. A tangible magic illusion without false bottoms and invisible strings.

Detroit, Stockholm
dieschönestadt, Halle