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FRISE / Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.

Since the fall of 2003, the former hairdressing institute in the Arnoldstrasse in Hamburg’s district Altona / Ottensen, located near the river Elbe and the Altona train station, provides room for 8 studio apartments, 8 work studios, 10 media work places, one guest studio and an exhibition space. A center for contemporary art production is emerging . Exhibitions, seminars, film shows and other activities will allow the Hamburg public to gain an authentic insight into the wide range of current artistic production and development.

In FRISE, two art organisations have joined forces: Through their collaboration, the associations "Künstlerhaus Hamburg" (Hamburg House of Artists) and the "Abbildungszentrum" (Visual Media Center) are able to further broaden their artistic spectrum. While the members of the "Künstlerhaus" concentrate on drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and photography, the artists of the "Abbildungszentrum" work in the field of film production and video and media arts.

Production - Exchange - Exhibition of contemporary are the main initials. Frise developes a yearly exhibition program with lectures, screenings,and additional events related to the annual topic. Which is 2009 nets&Nodes

One main Issue of FRISe is the interantional exchange with artists and artistgroups from other countries to initiate a productive meetingpoint. Since 2003 a gueststudio is established to house visitors from all over the world.

Frise ccoperates with das Goethe Institut, Instituto Italiano, das Institut Francais sowie das AFAA-Bureau des Arts Plastique (Paris/Berlin), Allied Productions, Inc. New York and many other institutions and friends.

FRISE / Künstlerhaus Hamburg
Arnoldstrasse 26-30, 22765 Hamburg

Contact: Sabine Mohr
+49 (0)40 - 45 55 14

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


Le Petit Versailles

Last Call - Hamburg
Video Screening No. 1
Goethe Institut NY
Video evening II

● Torsten P Bruch
● Sabine Mohr
● Christoph Rothmeier
● Llaura Sünner

... and more NY

„Last Call - Hamburg“

Exposé for download (PDF2,5MB)

An Exhibitionproject of Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V. FRISE with Allied Productions Inc. , New York

Vom 2.Oktober bis zum 12. Oktober 2009
in „ Petit Versailles“, the Garden in New York City

participating artists: Torsten Bruch, Sabine Mohr, Christoph Rothmeier, Jörg Hochapfel, Llaura Sünner, Joern Zehe

The Künstlerhaus Hamburg has been cooperating with Allied Productions, Inc. since 1989/90, the year in which the ABC NO RIO SHOW -10 Years - 7 Days (sponsored by the Kunstfonds Bonn and the Art in Public Spaces Program, Hamburg) took place at the former Künstlerhaus Weidenallee Hamburg/Germany. This event celebrated the 10th anniversary of the meanwhile legendary radical alternative Arts and Cultural Center situated in New York’s Lower Eastside. The visiting representatives of various New York- and Chicago-based artist groups temporarily occupied various sites of Hamburg’s city center, ranging from the subway station, and the canteen of the Hamburg Art Academy up to the Open Channel and the Hamburg TV-tower to present their artistic/ social/gender/political projects to an astonished audience.

FRISE has invited Allied Productions, Inc. to Hamburg for the realization of a new exchange project. In their performance/exhibition project “TRIPLE THREAT” - Jack Waters, Peter Cramer, and Marc Arthur will present their latest works and activities at the Künstlerhaus FRISE, Hamburg, from September 5 through September 19. In October 2009, the FRISE project Last Call - Hamburg with Torsten Bruch, Sabine Mohr, Christoph Rothmeier, Jörg Hochapfel (HUNGER BAND) , Llaura Sünner, and Joern Zehe will take place in New York.

The focus of this project is the artistic exploration of the use and preservation of public space and public premises - particularly open – green - spaces in a highly developed, urban environment. The small park of Le Petit Versailles in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan, a little paradise in the midst of a highly contested and now highly valued property market, is also a symbol for the artists’ engagement against gentrification and ideally suited as a platform for this project. Closely linked to this is the question of how non-profit-work of individual artists and artist groups can be maintained and organized in such an environment. The experiences, which the Künstlerhaus FRISE has gained in its turbulent history in Hamburg, correspond to the situation in New York on different levels and are addressed in Last Call. In addition to interventions and installations of individual artists in the park itself, it will offer reports and documentation on how the artists established the cooperative Frise eG (Sabine Mohr/Torsten Bruch), as well as a lecture on the development of artists’ self-organization in Hamburg, highlighting the WSW # 3. Information material on the many other Hamburg non-for-profit art spaces and projects from the so-called Hamburg Box will also be presented. A film screening will show a collection of videos and movies produced by Torsten Bruch, the ABZ, Joern Zehe, Christoph Rothmeier, and other artists. A concert of HUNGER will take place in Le Petit Versailles. The garden on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan will serve as a “base camp” for the installations and projections. The other events are scheduled to take place at nearby ABC NO RIO on Rivington Street and the Goethe – Institut Wyoming House NYC .
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