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Linda e.V.

The art and culture club LINDA e.V. is a group of people of the realms of photography, drawing, design, organic agriculture, publishing and journalism.

We are offering a definite space, a niche for temporary actions and presentations of not yet established forms of art and culture in Hamburg-St. Pauli.

The multiple range of activities facilitates new synergies, encourage the exchange of ideas between participants and the public, and excite their curiosity.

Linda e.V.
Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 13, 20359 Hamburg / St. Pauli

Contact: Oliver Goernandt
040 21999 292

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


Info + Video
me ollaan täällä - part 1
me ollaan täällä - part 2

“LINDA Mobil”

In late autumn 2009 (so far the weekend of Oct. 30 till Nov. 1, 2009 is earmarked) LINDA will move from St. Pauli to Helsinki, in the context of WSW #3.

Together with gallery Napa, Helsinki, we will build an outstation of LINDA gallery, creating a temporary space for one weekend, inviting everybody to drop in. We will represent LINDA as well as the works of other Hamburg non-commercial “off-galleries”

A “time pavilion” will be created, consisting of 2 rooms.

The first room represents LINDA and gives information of the “off-scene” of Hamburg, showing a Hamburg suitcase.

The second room will be the space for artistic experiments, available for artists and visitors alike. This room will be used at times for presentations of e.g. films, photographic documentations, and sound.

6 members of LINDA art and culture club will travel to Helsinki in order to organize “LINDA Mobil”. Moreover, it is planned to present the experience of Helsinki the weekend thereafter in the showrooms of LINDA in Hamburg. Our link to the Finnish art scene is NAPA, which will draw attention to our project on their premises.

Info NAPA/About NAPA *
Napa started as an independent publisher - it's first book was the comics anthology Napa 01 published back in 1997 in Helsinki. The founders were two aspiring comics artists Jenni Rope and Jussi Karjalainen.
Since 2001 Jenni Rope has been the main editor, distributing many artists art books, comics and flip books. Napa has also curated various group exhibitions showing in Japan, Portugal, Italy, France, Netherlands etc.
In February 2007 Napa opened a gallery & shop space in Helsinki. The shop carries art books and comics from various independent publishers. The gallery side exhibits young Finnish artists and designers. Exhibitions change monthly.