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Elke Suhr: picture, 2006

Einstellungsraum e.V.
concerning art in road traffic

The Einstellungsraum is an artists’ initiative established with the aim of informing an interested public about contemporary art and culture. In particular, the association is concerned with exploring phenomena related to automobility and road traffic.

Einstellungsraum e.V.
Wandsbeker Chaussee 11, 22089 Hamburg

Contact: Elke Suhr
0162 / 88 63 650

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


Art scene St. John' s NL | Ca.
The Topography of St. John's NL Canada
RICHTIG | DIRECT in St. John's NL | Ca.
Participation in the action week of EASTERNedge in August 2009

The text RICHTIG | DIRECT by Elke Suhr, 1996, is an essay on the symbol of the arrow. Elke Suhr uses this well-known sign, which marks roads all over the world, as a point of departure of her essay.

Through her observations, she expands upon this road sign, which thus becomes a symbol whose meaning extends far beyond traffic - into the art-historical and religious past all the way into the open future. Elke Suhr’s proposition is that the car is at the same time bow and arrow, archer and wound.
By staging this text as an art performance where the audience is sitting in a parked car on a parking lot, the viewer/listener is able to recognize himself as the perceiver who is capturing the various levels of meaning in the text, and at the same time grasp the ongoing situation outside of the car where the artist is acting as a pedestrian

This art action has been staged on several occasions, with each performance being adapted to the given situation.
The target group consists of persons interested in questions related to the issues of time, speed and their wider context. The action was conceived to be informative rather than merely entertaining.