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Bilir / Ross-Projects: Bilir / Ross projects ist the union of the Hamburg based artist Oliver Ross and the galerist Melike Bilir of Galerie Melike Bilir. Besides the ungoing mutual support Bilir / Ross are working together on free projects. Notes on the persons: Melike Bilir studied at the HAW Hamburg communication design and made her master degree in 2007. She has worked since 2006 as a free curator for several projects, including such as “Fenster zum Hof”. 2007/08/09 she ran an ehibition space called “Walk Of Fame”, first near by the Opera at Dammtorstr. and then near by the largest mosque of Hamburg at Böckmannstr.. In 2010 Walk Of Fame became Galerie Melike Bilir that is located at Klosterwall 4.
Website: Galerie Melike Bilir Oliver Ross studied Free Arts at the HfBK Hamburg and made his master degree in 1999. After that he assisted professor Bernh. Joh. Blume. Several participations in group shows and solo exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, China and France.
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Bilir/Ross Projects
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“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


Project in Zürich - 08. 26th to 09. 26th 2009

In the context of wsw3 Bilir /Ross Projects will be travelling to Zürich, Switzerland in August 2009. There, Oliver Ross will work on an exhibition together with his friend and Zürich based artist Kerim Seiler at the free exhibition space “Message Salon downtown". Here in Hamburg there is a lot of talk about so called off-spaces or Artist-Run-Spaces. These discussions are often conducted in connection with a certain delineation to the art market or to institutionalized art. But: are those concepts well defined or is it even possible to define these concepts? And: do those delineations make sense at all? What is about these questions in regard to history? Zürich was, as it is often mentioned, the origin of DaDa, so one could ask if DaDa was some kind of selfaware Off-movement…Bilir / Ross projects wants to pursue these questions and investigate, how those topics are dealt with in an other scene far away from Hamburg. For that reason, we will try to lead some conversations with people, who are running free exhibition spaces in Zürich ( e.g. Message Salon downtown, or A.C.Kupper_Modern). The Hamburg-suitcase seems to be a good way to find out differences and similarity of these scenes. The fact, that our interesse is accompanied by an exhibition might be useful for specifiing these topics. We will try to document these talks and make a discussion with it in Hamburg.