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at the Frappant

The Art-space community SKAM e.V. is an association of momentarily 25 artists of various professions, among them painters, sculptors, animation filmers, concept- and experimental artists as well as performers and musicians.

After 17 years of residing at a prominent location in Hamburg St. Pauli, in spring 2009 the days of our building were counted and the wrecking ball forced us into exile, which we found temporarily in the FRAPPANT building in Hamburg Altona, where over 100 additional artists from all over Hamburg sought refuge at the time ...

History of the SKAM e.V.

Since the founding of the SKAM in the year 1992 the association had over 120 active members and countless guests. The art-space community was located in a former bowling-center marking the very beginning of the entertainment strip of the Reeperbahn, heart of the St. Pauli quarter in Hamburg. The upper part of the building housed the art-spaces, with well over 2000 square meters mainly in one big open hall, formerly containing the bowling alleys. This open range provided more than enough space for all members and their individual needs and was used in a great variety of ways. The ground floor of the building was home to the Mojo-Club and other well-known locations of Hamburg night-life.

SKAM is a self-organized and self-sustained community that started as an improvised group of artists in an abandoned building left to rot and that worked out ways to carry on for over 17 years, constantly faced with demolition in the next 2-6 months, depending on the state of planning by the landlord with this attractive but expensive piece of real-estate in the heart of Hamburg. Starting a series of regular events and exhibitions, SKAM became a vital part in the spectrum of Hamburgs off-art scene. The initial group-exhibition in 2001 in the gigantic hall drew over 1500 people in 2 days, attracted by the combination of the exceptionality of the place as well as the works displayed - this positive experience for the SKAM members triggered motivation for many more exhibitions to come. international recognition.

Meanwhile SKAM is connected to artists and communities worldwide with some of its members having achieved

In 2001, despite the uncertainties of future planning, some rooms on the ground floor surrounding the entrance were emptied, the walls and ceilings removed, excavating a 15 x 8 x 6 m room with massive concrete floor, walls and ceiling. The walls were whitewashed, a bar installed, the toilet fitted – the SKAMraum was born! SKAM now had a “white cube” exhibition room of highly attractive proportions, quickly becoming a much-used gallery with exceptional flexibility and a unique profile, providing a vivid extension of cultural offerings in Hamburg. The room was open to use for everyone free of charge and was used by members and guests on almost a weekly basis throughout the time of its existence, mostly hosting exhibitions that lasted over the course of one weekend, typically from Thursdays to Sundays.

The non-commercial nature of the gallery as well as the fact that operation and maintenance of the art-spaces and gallery were provided solely by the members through their fees, made SKAM a truly independent and original cultural institution.

In spring 2009, SKAM had to abandon the building when finally the demolition of the building was inevitable. The community has found short-term refuge in the FRAPPANT in Hamburg Altona, and after another displacement from there, a part of the SKAM artists are currently working in yet another provisory, the Viktoria-barracks.

SKAM e.V. im Frappant
Große Bergstraße 172, 22765 Hamburg

Contact: Dodo Adden
+49 (0)40 - 855 077 35

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


I Building the exhibition
II Opening the exhibition
III Artists works

The art-space community SKAM contributes to this years’ WSW#3 Event with individual and Whole-SKAM-Group activities, which all share the characteristic of dealing with the phenomenon of discontinuity in locality or “the change in your space” and are collectively referred to under the working title of “SKAMexil”.

Ideas include involving former SKAM-members that have moved abroad or to other cities in Germany in the active exchange of creative content for this event, thereby sharing a degree of dislocation, as the other members are also displaced form their former common working environment. Furthermore, additional artists form other German cities should be activated to join this process and network.

Activities include “postal artwork distribution” to facilitate exhibitions in creative locations anywhere in the world and visits of artists to other creative clusters in different cities in Germany.

Planning is in progress, the intended timeframe for this project is November 2009.

A presentation of documentation of theses activities is estimated to be available by mid-2010.