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A colonial monument was stored for almost 40 years in the basement of the Bergedorf Observatory in Hamburg. The bronze figure of Hermann von Wissmann, originally erected and dedicated in East Africa, has had an eventful and bizarre history. It has not only been shipped from one continent to another but has also traveled through various eras in history, experiencing periods of admiration as well as of contempt. It has been toppled and re-ected several times.

Within the project ( the visual artist Jokinen re-erected 2004/2005 the disputed monument in urban space. The intention was not only to exhibit and decipher the monument - the damaged artefact trouvée - as a document, but primarily to decode its myths through intervention and participative interaction. An open space in the internet invited people to discuss the project, and indeed a highly controversial public debate took place. The topic was in fact an almost forgotten chapter in the city history: the central role of Hamburg in the German colonial era.

In the project wandsbektransformance - the Colonial in the Present ( Hamburg based artists intervened in urban space in Hamburg-Wandsbek. Impulse giving was the erection of a new bust in urban space dedicated to one of the main slave traders of the 18. century, Heinrich Carl von Schimmelmann. Confronted with numerous protests by citizens and interventions by the artists the district government had to remove the monument only after two years.

park postkolonial (; in German), a concept of Jokinen for a postcolonial space for remembrance and critical learning in Hamburg, has once again been controversially discussed by local politicians.
Contact: Jokinen

“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


Travel station: the City of Kumasi
The City of Accra and The South Coast
The "Hamburg Case" in situ
Future Networking
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Urban aspects: Kumasi and Accra
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A journey to Ghana within the international
symposium "Tapping Local Resources
for Sustainable Education through Art"
and the exhibition "Kumasi Crossroads" within the "Curio Kiosk Project", organised
by AFRICOAE, African Community of Art Education, 7/29-8/15/2009, at the
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science
and Technology KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana ( - a project about postcolonial cultures of remembrance as well as the colonial in the present in Hamburg - travelled to Ghana. Our route:

  • the second largest city Kumasi and the surrounding villages
  • the capital city Accra at the south coast
  • the slave forts in Elmina and Cape Coast
  • the villages Iture and Nanaben