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Bildwechsel e.V.
Bilir/Ross Projects
Blinzelbar im Frappant - Große Bergstraße 168
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ExBrandshof 116
FILTER Hamburg
FOR12 / Off-Art-Station
FRISE / Künstlerhaus Hamburg
hinterconti e.V.
KiöR e.V.
Künstlerhaus Sootbörn
Lieblicher Ort
Linda e.V.
SKAM e.V. im Frappant
The Thing Hamburg


KiöR e.V.
art in public space

KiöR e.V. was founded by artists in 2005 and is run by artists.

Foundation manifesto

Especially in Germany, founding an organization may within a short time fall under the suspicion of becoming a coterie (closed circle) through institutionalisation. In order shape our organization as an open workspace, we have drawn up another concept.

Organizations are established to give like-minded people a sort of habitat. But an organization also offers many administrative advantages for creating an atmosphere of pluralism and presenting the diversity of activities, which one person could never achieve on his own. An organization as an artificial person allows artistists to work more effectively on non-profit issues, it helps create a public image of the working fields they are dealing with contextually, and to gather knowledge and experiences in a more effective way. A friendly society compensates personal disadvantages for example in tax treatment: artists often work without payment especially in subcultural and so-called non-commercial art, only to be classified as hobbyists by the tax authorities.

This is how the idea of building an open company emerged, a platform for different artistic activities to be utilized and “leased” by artists, curators, organizers and mediators.


KiöR e.V. supports art projects in public space by providing the logistics, creating websites, loaning technical equipment and last but not least by offering consulting service on how to maintain the projects involved.

Work fields

Many people still perceive art as being elitist, extraneous and superflous. The artists of KiöR apply an extended notion of art, defining art as a medium for the sharpening of awareness and intellect, enabling people to lead a self-determined life. We try to carry a discourse about art into the public space, to the city districts which are much neglected by the local government.

TV and Internet brought about the crisis in the realm of public life. Increasing isolation is a proven recipe for creating conflict in the outskirts of large city. We believe that local activities have to provide more than coloured balloons and "Bratwurst". New forms of public life have to be developed and this means also new forms of art in public space. Finally we are on the future of the European City.

KiöR e.V.
Stresemannstrasse 374 E, 22761 Hamburg

Contact: Ulrich Mattes
+49 (0)40 - 899 75 13


“Wir sind woanders” is an event format developed by the
Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg (VAKH)
It is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media (BKSM)


Morphish fields - HH / Kraków
Otwarta Pracownia

Eva Ammermann
Magda Ciopinska
Sabine Kramer
Nathalie Martin
Ulrich Mattes
Kathrin Milan
Jakob Perko / Waldemar Sulewski
Uwe Ochsler

Home visits

Drinking beer
Goethe-Institut Kraków
Nuremburg House

Morphish fields - Kraków / HH

Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

Magda Ciopinska

Ignacy Czwartos
Maria Fiter & Michał Hankus
Lena Hensel
Krzysztof Klimek
Stanisław Koba
Lech Kolasiński
Maria Wasilewska

Cross-cultural conferences

The "Gängeviertel"

In the end of october 2009, eight artists of KiöR will visit Kraków in Poland in the frame of "Wir sind woanders #3".

Since 2005, the artists of KiöR have hosted projects like "treppenspiel", "Hamburger Waschhaus" and the "Balkoniade", mostly in cooperation with the residents living in the outskirts of Hamburg. Their artistic strategies will be performed in the city of Kraków with the aim of investigating differences between the two European mentalities and cultural perceptions.

(Translated by Barbara Lang)